Monday, November 2, 2015

Teardrops on a steering wheel

Cold air,
In the mids,
Of a winter night,
That once seemed,
As a summer afternoon,
Yet we both know,
The breeze that tangled,
Between our feet,
Was not half as cold,
As frozen hearts,
Can be,
Talking and listening,
To the same old,
Familiar stories,
Of love turning,
To bad blood,
I recall,
I've been here before,
Are you the stranger,
Of whom I've lost,
It's name in the flood,
Of memories turned,
To oblivion,
By the heartbreak,
That thy cold as ice,
Left on me,
On you,
Binding us,
In memories,
We've hardly shared,
My familiar stranger,
Left some of his tears,
Some of his salvia,
On my cheeks.

And if you ever want to fall in love,
I'm sure these words are what your looking for,
Go ahead, Find the girl...

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