Let me go.

Funniest feeling,
Me being nervous,
If you might,
Say something,
About the words I write,
Despite the fact,
That I know,
You won't,
For part of the reason,
I am so hurt,
I feel this rage,
Is cause you won't,
Lay eyes on anything,
Coming from,
Your daughters hand,
Unless it spells out,
Her love for you,
The rest is too depressing,
So dark or words just random,
For an explanation,
Or the story behind,
You've already vanished,
Not even one line,
Of a poem,
Have you ever read,
This past year,
It's so clear,
There is no pride,
In anything I do,
You want light,
But I won't shine for you,
Only for myself.

Won't you let me go,
Go my own way.

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