Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'll write for you.

As to write a poem,
On subjects that matter,
Not to me,
Yet for me more,
Even so less it does,
To the once I love,
I had to write one,
Any who,
She asked with a smile,
Yet her smile,
Seemed to have had,
Some hits,
It can not quite,
Shake off,
The way she dances,
Trough the rest,
For her life,
Never failing a test,
She has proven,
To herself let along the world,
She is untouchable,
Maybe that might be the reason,
He acts so childish,
For he is intimated,
By her coming on strong,
Being the one you'd wish for,
On a merry night,
Thinking it might,
Never happen,
It does,
She is the rare one,
The one to hold,
Once catches,
Yet you dropped the ball,
Now don't mistake,
You'll be taking the fall,
So intimidated by the fear,
Of being plain, average,
Or even littler,
Do not flatter yourself,
For you are nothing more,
Nor nothing less,
Then you,
The one she'd been saving for,
Yet nothing to be scared of anymore,
For she is gone,
For sure.

I love you, Your problem.
From: WeHeartIt.

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