Sunday, February 2, 2014

Growing up is a trap

Right before I fall asleep,
As I start to breathe lighter,
And my heartbeat sinchronizes,
Crawling in the blankets, 
A warm body and cold feet,
This thought clings to my mind,

It seems these days,
That in numerous ways,
I cant seem to find,
My innocence,
Got left behind,
What doesn't make any sense,
To me... At all...

Silent and slow,
It took a go,
So no one would now,
And I would keep up the grow,
And then all at once I was grown up,
My life used to be simple and sweet,
And now I'm no longer living,
It's been mistaken in comparisment to a heartbeat,
My life the made,
From a simple heart rate...

Will you please talk any kind of sense into me, for I just don't see... How my reflection in the mirror could be me?!

Caught between woman and girl,
I'd on every star I'd never grown up,
The cold lights in thus anonymous city,
They look at me with pity,
For I never wished on star just a plane or a car passing by...
That I thought was a star...

It's all lies, darling, growing up is a trap.

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