Friday, February 28, 2014

The seven deadly sins are killing me....

You lay on the sofa,
Just five miles away,
But I'm convincing myself... It's okay,
It was only a one time-crime-stray...

I'm sitting in my room,
A million miles away,
Because I can't convince myself, It's okay,
Were fine, but this isn't the way,

Wrong place, Wrong time,
Just a little crime,
Is that okay,
Is that fine,
Is that alright with you?

I'm so sorry but it's a sin,
Whenever his eyes begin,
I'm losing myself in,
And no one ever wins,
Same stubbornness like twins,

I know it isn't supposed to be so troubled,
It should be crumbled,
My heart should be cuddled,
Not struggled,

Than how can you fur-fill my every need,
How can you ease the bleed,
I have this lust,
For you I must,
It's like a gluttony,
Can't you see?

Oh god the waste,
the guild sticks like paste,
The needing you is greeding,
You make me so confused I just get sloth,
I'm starting to loathe myself...
Is it killing you,
Like the way it kills me?

I'm looking for wrath,
Gosh this envy and pride,
When did they become...
The closest friends by my side,

Just a little crime,
At a little wrong kinda time,
In the wrong place,
But oh my my...
How I want to put you in my trophy case...

She's not what you think... She's an actress

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