whatever it takes

I met you're eyes today,
When they were on their way,
To the grocery store,
Somehow they want more,
For without any vain,
You called my name,
And as you walked,
And we laughed n' talked,

My heart still breaks,
Cuz you're smile makes,
It all worth it,
After all this shit,
I'll still say whatever it takes,
Whatever it takes,

We used to be good,
We used to work,

As my heart remains broken,
Cuz with you're smile you've token,
All that was worth,
God you're nerve,
After I said "whatever it takes,"
You're leaving makes,
My broken heart breaks,

Whatever it takes,
Whatever it takes,
Whether it makes,
Or breaks,
Whatever it takes....

I'll still say "whatever it takes"

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