the difference between you & me

the difference between me & you,
We talked about it for hours,
Endless evenings turning to nights,
The resembles, the marks on our heart,
the scars that made us hard,
now were do we start?

the difference between you & me,
isn't there to pin easy,
it's not something you'll find lying around,
we seemed so similar,
almost so much alike like a pair,
and now it's nowhere....

the difference between me & you,
is how we see the good in goodbye,
it how we wonder why,
how we shed our cry,
I let you leave, I let you grief,
But you only come to deceive,
this is a crime and you're the thief...

the difference between you & me,
Is that I'm one how can see,
That it would be the perfect sin,
The perfect win-win crime,
If I stole you're heart,
And you'd steal mine,
But apparently,
It's not you,
But only me,
Were differently...

you and me we're different. 

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