Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good old times

On this cold freezing night,
My heart was beating,
To keep me alive, breathing,
When I walked into you,
A conversation unrolled,
And old feelings got unraveld,

Suddenly between the sentences,
You asked quietly and polite,
For a dinner invite,
While enjoying grandma's soup,
On my heart you put a coup,
You mess up all my sences,

You and me, us, we,
In between the lines,
And the "you look fine"s,
This love so thin,
Still was a one in...

In youre eyes I read, 
What you didnt said,
And I wish I could forget,

Good old times where the words,
You used to define,
The time that you where mine,
I just have to admit,
Youre like a bullet hit,
And this smile of you took me away again,
Back to when,
We shared the good old days...

Let's go back to when we still had a click,
Back to the good old days.

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