It's time now,
To tell me the truth,
Cause we can't continue,
To pretend,
That no choice is no choice,
For no choice is also choosing,
It's choosing to leave us behind,
But somehow we always,
Get pulled back together,
Like magnets,
Coming closed and get ripped off,
And coming closer again,
Like losing a addiction,
You'll always get redrawn,
To the path you swore not to take,
You and me,
Always between the lines,
The unsaid is so unspoken,
But loud en clear spelled out,
No more phones in the ways,
No more guests to attend to,
Only me and you,
Both last to be leaving,
Always there in the doorway,
Always the last two,
And now it's time,
Not for a kiss goodnight,
But for a kiss goodbye,
For you will never tell me the truth,
And I don't want to stay between the lines....


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