I wonder if...
If I told you who I really was,
Would you see me differently?
Well of course you would...
Or at least,
That was what I thought,
But what if you,
See it better then me..
The one that I am really to be..?

I wonder if...
If you changed the thoughts,
That you had when you first laid eyes on me,
Well of course you would,
You even said so to me,
You told me that yoe never thought,
Oh no never thought,
That you would fall so hard,
That my inside was so inside,
That you had to work for me,
Now tell me do you see?
The centered soul of me..?

Oh Oh what would you be,
Without me?
And what would I be,
Without you?!

what if I opened up the door to my heart for you?



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