Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When time is still on my side

Time starts to feel diffrent now that I differ in time,
It used to seem to me,
That time is like a hourglass,
Slowly going,
And sometimes turned around...
But as I get older and grow up,
It get to me more and more,
That what time used to look like is changing in my eyes,
Sometimes it feels like time passes me by,
But other times it seems like I have no time... Or all the time of the world?!
So how could it be,
That time changes for me,
Please sister or brother tell me,
Its not only for me to see,
Tell me it changed in other eyes too,
Or tell me the story between time and you? 
Tick tack tick tack tick tack,
Lets just let time pass us by,
While time is still on our side...

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