mumbling in my sleep...

I was mumbling in my sleep,
When I was in way to deep,
Oh, Oh in my sleep,
I no longer wheep,
If I could only stay in my sleep...

In my dreams,
The fire beams,
The love steams,
And it seems,
That you might wanne stay,
Inside my dreams...

In my half asleep dreaminess,
I must confess,
Babe we made quite a mess,
Love isn't always a succes,
But if we could bet again,
I would guess,
For us to work out this time...

In awakening,
There is no more faking,
Of my feelings forsaking,
And Taking,
All that I used to be,
In you and me,
Don't let me wake,
Don't give me a heart break...

Stay my dream,
Let the breaking up stay unseen,
Cause what would be the use...?
In being alone and sad,
When you can share with me you're bed...

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