Monday, April 28, 2014

Hostage heart

You're a liar, a cheater & a thief,
I gave you my all,
Yet you want more,
You stole my soul,
Let me there to die on the floor,
You've got my heart hostage,
My whole heart in you're hands,
And my mind is praying,
Hoping even though I know better,
Praying for you not to crush me,
While I'm crushed on you...
I gave you my all,
And it wasn't enough,
I gave you my all,
Like a swan in love,
Like a soldier on the line,
But you wanted more,
Shattered pieces of my heart,
Lying on the floor,
Maybe if I was just a little bit,
Stronger, louder, prouder,
You would fall just a hard as me,
And the pieces of you heart,
Would fall right into the gaps of mine...
And together we would be perfectly fine!

you've got my heart hostage...

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