Id be a game if you would play

Its a silly game were playing,
Dont know wheter I should stick around,
To play some more,
It seems she want all the toys I places with,
And boys I dance with on the dancefloor,
Its a silly game we shared,
Till the two of you paired,
And I cant play a game two against one,
That would be cheating,
That would be wrong...
We used have fun playing a silly game,
And we learned now the hard way,
To never love in vain,
It won't make you whole it just causes pain,
And now that the game is over,
The powns are thrown away,
After cleaning the mess and the frame,
Tell me won't we play a diffrent one?
Cause I'd be any game if you would play,
And I dare you to choose one thats better...
I'd be a game if you would play,
If you would play...

I'd be a game if you would play...

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