If I die young...

If I die young,
On my funeral,
Play our song,
Tell the moments,
We went wrong,
Make them laugh,
Make them cry...
But never ever,
Dare to say,
Not yet,
Net yet,

If I die young,
Lay me down,
With flowery hair,
In that dress,
With bare feet,
Make sure I...
Sure I turn,
Ashess to ashess,
Dust to dust...
If U die young,
Would you lay,
With me till I'm cold,
And as I cool down,
Dont cry,
Dont frown,
Just remember me,
The only thing I ask,

If I die young,
Never look back in regret,
Just remember me,
And smile,
Every once in a while...

If I die young...

If I die young.

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