Monday, April 7, 2014

In time I could be what you want...

The light crawles through the curtains,
But no, I don't want to wake up,
In this empty bed, The smell of smoked cigarets still lingers,
I can still feel it across my skin you're fingers,
But I don;t have any messages,
And I don't want to dress decent,
I just wanne stay underneath these empty sheets,
Now that my heart bleeds,
How can you expect me to start again,
All over from this point,
But a turning point isn't a turning point,
When I refuse to turn, right?!
My heart, It can only smile when it's near yours,
And it only talks in beats when I dance on you're feet,
Together talking over all that's been missed,
And then we kissed... I still feel it on my lips,
Just let me drown in my pillow,
The softness won't soften my pain,
But a try might have a gain,
I will just lay here, waiting,
For a star to fall or a eyelash to drop,
My feelings to un-crop,
And you to appear my dear,
Come, come, come and take me by the hand,
Just give me a reason,
Make me understand,
And I'll turn this all around,
Just give me a little bit,
Just a little one to work with,
And maybe, Maybe,
In time I'll be what you want...

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