Tuesday, April 1, 2014

strange and rare

How strange and rare it is to live,
It seems more and more people just exist,
Trying to find how to live,
But never quite getting the answer...

How strange and rear it is to love,
To love a flawed person as a perfect one,
To have and to hold on,
Be completely infatuated with all their all...

How strange and rare it is,
To love someone that once can be touched upon by death,
How strange that the one thing you live for,
Can be taken away,
Every single day...
Please don't take away the ones I love,
Please don't take away the ones I need,
I need to breath,
For I would die for them,
I'd rather have them living than me gasping for air,

How strange and rare,
That someone can leave a mark like that,
That someone can touch you're heart and soul,
And make it all whole,

How strange and rare,
Life is...

I am infactuated with you're all...

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