Monday, April 14, 2014

Black minded

She always said that the way I wrote,
The way I chose my words,
Wasnt literate,
To her it was only negativity,
She never understood,
That it was a cry for help,
A wisper that I never had to speak out loud,
A sign from me that I dont feel so good,
But she never understood,
Not when I scream,
Not when I cry,
Not when I'm silent,
Nor when I speak up or try...
She never understood,
And I dont think she ever would,
For when I read to her proudly,
She never is proud,
She never says what I crave for most,
There are strangers that read my words,
That read every single post,
They get comford and tell me their stories,
I have fans and they state I have talent,
They read my happy and all in love, 
I'm on top I'm above pieces too,
But she couldnt care less,
She doesnt even tries,
She only has time when she needs me...
Or when I did something wrong,
The rest of the time she stays with her point strong,
That I'm just black minded,
And I always complain,
That I should better not speak at all,
She shut me up once for years,
And she's doing it again,
She hit me once,
She hit me twice,
And now emotional fist,
You're crossed of my blessed list...

Love is louder then the pressure to be perfect -DL

Quote from +Demi Lovato
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