Yes you know.

Last night I felt my own heart beating,
Like drumsticks falling down repeating,
Repeating what you said,
Oh it revolves in my head,
I just get completely blanck,
I've practices and thought of these words,
Maybe only a thousand times,
Yet they still dont feel like mine,
How can you acspect me to tell you what I think,
Knowing it has this possibilty to shatter,
Whats left of a friend that I cherish,
It could ruin whats left of the remains,
From once spoken names,
What if it all falls down and,
What if you would hate me for saying out loud,
And what if you wouldn't understand,
And what if it made it even worse,
Cause I don't want to curse,
The one thing worth chasing my luck,
Cross my heart and hope to die,
Count my blessings and try...
But what if, 
You don't think the same,
And I just wish I told you never mind...
For I could tell you now,
That the last six months you've crossed a thousand times inside these corners of my head...
Well I seem to get stuck,
In things that I never said...
But maybe its for the best,
And now at last,
At least I'll have,
My never mind...
For I could tell you all,
But never mind...
The sky could of been our limit,
but I just told you never mind...

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