Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just moving

I love to walk,
Almost everyday,
I go for an hour or so,
Just moving,
Without destination,
Just moving,
In the way I feel,
Just moving...
Something I do,
When my mind is cornerd,
When I'm being botherd,
By this voice within,
Thats silent as a slaughter,
Just moving,
Going ahead,
Just moving,
Eventhough I'm trapped...
Just moving,
For I learned,
You have the most chance,
To see eachother,
When you both keep moving,
So Maybe if I keep,
Just moving,
I would meet you,
Out in the street,
And this corner in my mind,
Could become refined,
It could get devided,
Become a spiral instead of a cirkel,
For spirals move upwards,
And I like it like that,
Just moving...

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