My fault

I wanted to day so many things to you,
But non came out,
I wanted to make a statement, 
Do something loud without a scream,
But it didnt happen...
I was blanck,
Like a white page,
With a swelling rage...
I went back to the times I dreamed of you asking me,
Isn't there something you would like to say,
But even more that blocked my words way...
I was begging my mouth to spontanously blur out a words, 
Or a sound at all,
But my mouth didnt respond to my emergency call...
Just black,
Like a white page...
With a swelling rage,
Just waiting for the bomb to burst...
For all I want to ask you is,
Were was my fault,
You say its all you,
But you dont look at me anymore like you used to...
So tell me know,
Where was my fault,
In offering my soul and heart...?


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