Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clear sky

I guess I should be relieved,
That the air is cleared,
But in the cleaning slates,
We got something heavier on our plates,
It seems that you're confessing creates,
Some kind of change,

I used to think,
With you in sink,
People change,
These things happen,
And maybe for...
A reason?

But as I look back,
With every sneak attack,
It occurs that it can't,
How could the reason,
Not involve me,
When it was supposed to be,
You and me...

How could I get washed out,
And turned off,
When you spoke about words,
To only dream about...
Like love?!
A word so dangerous,
The thought of it scared me,

How could it be,
How could it be,
That even if it was a movie,
The curtain was closing in,
On the 'we',
That might have existed,
If our logic wasn't so twisted...

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I dont ever want to be second choice again...

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