Rain song

Rain keep ticking on the roof,
I can hear it hidden from under the covers,
I lay there warm and save,
As if nothing could ever get better,
The sound makes me feel secure and down to earth,
Its seems that im wasting time listening to these sounds,
But I really like it, its so nice,
And once a wise man said,
"Time you've enjoyed wasted isn't wasted time...",
So im not wasting anything,
For maybe my thoughts on this Mindless drifting,
Well this is my rain song,
It stays cold outside,
But my window stays open,
Just in case the smell of the street washed clean,
Isn't the only thing coming up,
Maybe you'll come in,
With the wind,
With the sound,
With the rain,
This is out rain song...
Washing away the pain of yesterday,
Cleaning our slates,
This is the rain song...

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