No company at all sounds better...

The piano sounds run through my mind,
Symphonies we used to listen to,
Now I'm just listening in lonely company...

The calming of her feminine voice,
Makes me mindless dreaming,
But I'm just dreaming in quite company...

Without a little peace or hurt,
I won't fall asleep,
An it takes an ocean,
Not to cry,
In quite company....

The drums are beating me down,
This used to be our little street town,
Now I'm just listening in lonely company...

All these images, images, images,
The seem so real-life as if it's happing right here,
But I'm just wandering in quite company...

It a terrible storm,
And I'm just walking in,
I won't settle down,
I won't have piece of mind,
If I can't follow you around...

But I won't follow you,
Into the cave,
No not for me,
You just stay in the subvert,
But no subverting me...

I'd rather be in quiet company...

I'd rather be, In quiet company. 

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