Monday, April 28, 2014


Schools out,
Last day,
Making my way,
Back home...
Summer time,
Here again,
Sunny skin,
Living in...
A dream world!
I wait,
All year,
For summer...
Like people,
Wait a lifetime,
To find,
What we found,
Schools out,
Waits all day,
To get home,
Find you,
All alone...
And if,
People where,
Certain objects,
You would be,
A race car,
Or football,
A thing,
That moves...
And I would,
Be autumn leaves,
Or photo camera,
The one,
That puts down,
Change and transformation...
And together, 
Were combined,
Were refined,
As the best,
People spend,
All this time,
To find,
What I,
Stumbled on,
To become mine...
If you,
Stop looking,
You will find,
What was hidden,
Behind you're,
Black and white,
Love is,
In all,
So the more,
You look,
The less,
You see,
Let it come,

do everything effortlessly. 

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