This is home for me

The little street town,
The house of my granddad,
The mill with the garden,
House down the block,
Cars cleaned properly,
And birds whistling easily,
Cant you see?
This is home for me...

The road we walked endless,
The football club,
The sunday night parties,
And the old Brown pub,
Bikes without locks,
Flowers growing wild,
Cant you see?
This is home for me...

The strolling down the market,
The little pray place,
Where we had our first date,
Place you asked me to dance,
The grave of you're granddad,
My old high school,
Cant you see?
Right here is home for me...
And me and you we belong,
So this is you're home now too,
Stop searching the world,
For what you overlooked,
I'll be here today and tomorrow,
Waiting for you.

The lights were shining just for you and me

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