Monday, April 14, 2014

My own funeral

I had this rare and amazingly strange dream last night,
It begon just like a nightmare...

I just turned twenty one, 
Him and I we were riding my new motor,
And oh how the wind went playing trough my hair,
I loved it together with the speed, 
My blood and heart speeded up, 
I was more alive then ever,
As I looked back to the horizon to see him,
Laughing my life came to an end,
I got crushed,
A drunk'n truck driver ran me off the road...
And there I stood in my dream on my own funeral,
I tried to scream "I'm still here, won't you see me?"
But they didn't hear nor saw me.
After lots of talking about my childhood from my mom, 
He stood up, 
He walked to my coffin and he looked at me,
Put a lilly in my hands, my favourit,
He started after a little cough,

"She was that kind of girl that everyone knows, not by her name, but by her smile and spirit. She was one that knew she wasn't perfect but in knowing her flaws and not trying to conceal them she was perfect to me. The sound of her laugh could make me shiver, the smell of her shampoo in the early morning. There is nothing I won't miss... She had this look in her eyes, so wide alive, she saw things in the littlest corners or details that no one else sees, her soul wanders of into places nobody has ever seen. She was the kind of girl that you only meet once in you're life, and if you do you're lucky. She made the world a magic place with her enchanting heart. She felt everything so intens that the love she shared sometimes was too much, I got scared sometimes for it was so passionate, what if it fades? But she never fades, she's more then just light, she makes you feel bright, and thats the difference she doesn't shines herself, she makes everyone else shine, she's the limited one, the divergent kind, she otherness and thats the reason why... She's the one..."
He sat down crying...

When I woke... He wasn't next to me.
Now I know that I should say something,
Or do something about us,
For I guess you said it in my dreams,
If I'm the one for you, than you're the one for me...
Forever in my dreams.

On my own funeral buried in dreams...

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