Thursday, April 10, 2014

because of the thought of me

We pretended to be other people,
And then laughed as they believed,
We would walk home for hours,
After a night dancing and drinking,
Oh how we would laugh and giggle,
Those memories as so precious,
More then anyone could ever guess,
More then we valued at the time,
More then anything the will ever be mine,
We looked into the deep bleu ocean eyes,
Win the fun fair bells price,
Go home when the morning sun already rises,
Skipping a whole night, sharing secrets and skin,
Giving up on scars stories as pillow talk,
Oh how I would love to hear him whisper,
Once more in my ear,
How I'd love to think of him once without a tear,
If I'd known then what I know now,
I would looked at us from a distance,
As a star from heaven, the once we wished on,
Shimmering and glancing down,
Shining because of you're smile and love,
Oh oh oh... what I wouldn't do,
To be just a moment in a memorie again with you,
You asked me once why are you so mysterious,
And I told you it's because life isn't to be taken serious,
I just hope that sometimes late a night,
When we both stare from our lonely beds,
Trough the curtains into the black night,
To the yin yang moon,
That you'll think of me as I think of you,
That you smile because of what we used to be,
That you smile because of the thought of me...

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