Youre tongue is literair

You tongue is literair,
You're talk is lyrical,
The beauty flows from the words,
As well as passion from the chores,
But it's not so enchanting anymore,
Like it was before...
For wonderful words aren't wonderful at all,
When they got spoken without meaning,
Or only to be deceiving,
When there only to prevent me from leaving,
And then later on break my heart,
For there was no truth not even in the start,
And I thought I hears you say that you loved me,
I thought I heard you laugh,
Well I guess I was wrong,
Guess what you spoke from the paper,
Wasn't really written on,
Wasn't from you're heard,
And you still have a tongue literair,
But it will never get you back to where,
You want to be most,
Cause you'd lost me...

You're tongue so literate,
You're talk so lyrical,
It's all I write about...
I miss you.

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