The way you used to be mother

She was a lovely mom,
Till something made her cold,
Suddenly all at once,
She was no longer the one I knew,
She no longer believed,
In everything we shared,
And even now sometimes she will choose,
To do things when she knows it will hurt me,
She makes my cry without any reason why,
She criticizes me and my choise to stand up to my past,
But I'm sure it won't be long till the memories of used to be,
When there was only her loving and me,
Will be distantly,
I go out far more and longer than I should,
But what else can I do?
When who I wanne hide from is you..
And youre always there with youre snide comments, 
And youre "oh I wouldn't wear that" when I'm showing new clothes,
Youre not responding to any of my questions how dare you,
When I tried for years and years to make you proud,
Even when you hurt me in silent way or out loud...
I might still be depending on you,
But one day I will leave,
And the goodbye won't bother me,
Id rather keep it brief,
For I will be to relieved to grief,
Cause I can finally breath...

it's all up yo you...

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