Beautiful girl...

When she walks in the room,
All the lights,
They get rearranged,
For she shines brighter then the sun,
She's a spotlight on her own...
As she dances tonight,
Like a girl in a new spinning dress,
And she's changed her heels for all-stars,
Let the ponytail in her hair drop...

Won't you fall in love with her?
When you look at her from the shadows,
Her shining smile,
It will ignite this fire,
And you'll do anything,
Even if it means to be a lair,
If only you could save a bit of her laugh...

Oh beautiful girl...
Yes she is...

They all need the borrowed sound of you're swinging voice,
For the bleu monday mornings,
All those early hours that they have to be parted from her,
Somehow need to see her just one more time,
Now that everybody loves her,
Cause some love her even without summer skin,
I loved her ever from the begin,
And she doesn't realize...

You, you,
Beautiful girl,

Calling his phone,
How he wishes to call you his own,
Friends laughing and joking,
But if he doesn't meet her again,
It will be like chocking,
She took his breath away,
When he first saw her that friday,

Oh, Oh beautiful girl,
Such a beautiful girl,
She doesn't knows that she's a beautiful girl...
All the others fade,
And she doesn't even sees it first,
She's last to know...

Now girl, won't you trust me,
That maybe he'll see just like me,
That you're a beautiful girl...
Oh, Oh, for this I will never burden my mouth,
For she is,
Yes she is... Beautiful...

eat glitter for breakfast, shine all day.

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