timings a bitch

It wasn't that we weren't great,
It wasn't that we didn't have magic,
It wasn't like there was no connection,
It was all there,
Every single glimpse of love was there,
It was enchanting,
It was breathtaking,
It was unconquerable,
Just bad timing...
It wasn't that we weren't a couple,
It wasn't like we were either,
It wasn't that we wanted it to fail,
It wasn't that it didn't came naturally,
We had it all, everything the rest wants,
We made them jealous what came effortlessly,
When on each others side's,
Just bad timing...
They say that love is all you need,
But that is false,
You also need timing,
And timing,
That's the problem...
Timing is a bitch...

timing's a bitch, that's the problem.

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