Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Drive all night

The candels are almost blows out,
No more light left to shine,
Me sitting there,
Still alive but no more living,
How could you take all thats been giving?

The wine bottle is almost empty,
The glasses should be put down,
You just sitting there, 
Still laughing but there are no jokes,
How could be suddenly start honestly? 

The snacks are still untouched,
The tv is still turned on,
But were not there,
Were gone,

We took the keys,
We found a reason to run,
Now time stand still,
An were no where to be found,
But that were I want to head...
Right now,

So if you drive all night,
I will stay shot gun side,
We could sing along,
And drink coffee in an all night diner,
We could be just finer,
If we would drive all night...

But no tiremarks and no white lines,
For weve had to many wines...
But oh if we could drive all night,
To find the piece of mind,
The drive a million miles,
And just get lost,
Drive all night...

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