Sunday, September 29, 2013

You're all the colors of love...

I used to feel only grey, then you came and made everything in my head intoxicating red, now I'm a little blue searching for something that make's me feel like glowing and growing green.
I wish for a love so girly pink that the butterflies are unable to sink, they make me unable to think, that pretty pretty pink. 
I'm gonna date someone with a yellow glow, with all those colors combined love would be a rainbow.
I love you so like a rainbow, don't you know... didn't I show, you're all the paint and all thats saint.
You shine brighter than light you're white, I love you're halo, for it stays it doesn't go.
when you're sad and feeling down you're color becomes brown and you're eyes frown.
Before you I only felt lonely grey, I didn't know what way, to ever say... I promise to stay. 
But you my love I could never leave on you can't turn my back because when you're gone that beautiful colored world becomes black. 
I promise to stay if you promise you will never give you're light away. 

They boys the girls they all like Carmen,
She's all the colours of love...

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