"We go on tinder dates, like it has the same amount of significance as starting a new Netflix show,
Just one episode to determine wheter you phone is more interesting then the conversation that arises in the background,
You once said to me, old souls don't excist, that I am just too much in too little time, 
Yet I disagree, look at the number of messages you recieve and send all day, I rather still be the kid in front of the computer with my ears sharped, for the one email a week I got,
As bleep finally rang, Anticipation might be just the most beautiful part of all,
Then you argued, that I'm too afraid to get rejected,
I must say I have issues, but never more then the amount of vogue's I'd trade for Orwell, Golding or Carroll,
I have grown over loads of rejection, I've seen more "to go" then I have ever gotten a receipt for the cost of staying, yet it doesn't mean, I wouldn't want to explore wheter or not there is a restaurant I prefer over all else, even if on some days, they might be closed for serving, cause I've been taught how to serve well, I can suit myself,
You say maybe I am not a dating girl, a relationship isn't for me, 
Maybe not right now, but I know what I want, I have this inexplicible desire to understand that what I do not know, take me on a date where I've never been and I'll take you treasure hunting, 
Stay in with me all day, learn me something I never did before, learn me to build domino, you will have my full attention,
See we could match, might be my type, but I don't want the typicall "get coffee", I don't care about how many brothers and sisters you have, what your age is defined by number, or what kind of work you do,
I rather hear if you ever felt left out, or if you grew up in love, I rather see you smile as a child while your a grown up man, I'd rather talk about what defines you outside the hours 9-5, for that tells me a lot more, then the basic questionnaire, 
So you go, on your tinderdate, and if it sucks, sure I'll call you in 5, but don't state I'm incapabele of bounding, cause I don't wanne be bound by your filter on my life"


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