Friday, July 8, 2016


Staring at a pile of blurred memories,
That not quite seem to fit together,
Too much time that had gone lost,
Inside the stream of countless memories,
Banished from the stream of her grey mass,
Or mess... She could not decide,
If it was a matter of choice...
That she had lived these passed 9 years,
As if she was drink 24/7,
Always either laughing or crying...
Remembering too much or nearly anything at all,
She had no clue for half of this time,
Where had been? What had she been feeling?
It was numbed, the pain was too much,
So her body protected her, by fighting off memories,
It was a pile of photo's...
With people who'm she did not recognised,
Memories made but not recollected,
She wondered if her defence might had,
Pushed herself away as well,
Gazing into the mirror,
If only she could remember who she used to be,
A pile of blurred memories...

Damnentia blurred my memories. 

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