Friday, July 22, 2016


Countless layers of stone,
Built up to shelter those,
That live within,
Endless effort,
Of creating,
Something called "our own",
Bullet proof windows,
That protect,
From the words,
Fired as bullets,
But most of all,
Acces denied,
When entering the passcode,
For secrets kept,
Can not be undisclosed,
Even when it's forgotten,
That the volt,
Containing childhood memories,
Was locked,
By no one other,
Then ourselves,
I know, I know,
What you don't know,
I see, I see,
What you don't see,
Countless layers of chalk,
Turning into bone,
Protecting the brain from inguries,
Harms of the outside world,
Scared to admit,
It might be the inside,
That is making it sick...

Fuck it I'm crazy. 

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