Thursday, July 7, 2016


And if you where to ask me,
If I still believe in love,
Then I would answer,
Well yes of course I do,
See that I was raised,
Believe love is to be spoiled,
In money and stuff,
That I am taught,
That the more people hurt you,
The more thy love you,
And it does not have any link,
To love,
As a matter of fact,
That does not make,
That I can not believe,
In the sparks I see flying,
When you walk on by,
In the butterflies that crumble,
When your humble stutter,
Resonates trough the bathroom,
I do believe in love,
I just don't know quite yet,
What love looks like,
But I can feel it,
When I am near you.

We make a great pair.

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