Sunday, August 21, 2016


Far beneath,
Millions of memories,
I've got one stored,
Where someone,
Who I used to know,
That seemed an awful lot like you,
Told me that,
He couldn't be with me,
For the world was at me feet,
And he was scared,
To take another step,
You just go out into your world,
He told me,
Find what it is your looking for,
At that moment,
I resented you,
Telling me I have all the chances,
But you won't take one on me,
Now it seems that after,
Years of wondering,
Who we could've been,
We only could have been,
The one thing holding me back,
By not granting me your love,
I went out and found,
That love is not bound,
By your body,
It is not what I wanted from you,
And funny thing being,
That by putting me down,
You helped me up,
For all the screams and the fights,
I'm not about to apologize,
A thank you won't go your way,
But just remember when I say,
It was an old friend of mine at the time,
Who told me it wasn't made to go unnoticed,
That got me to write,
Despite of my doubts.

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