Monday, October 12, 2015

Blonde and Brunette.

We are the way our hair was,
Hers was so spontainious,
Curled as the flow,
She went trough life with,
Golden as she made,
The one's she touched feel,
Falling perfectly,
In between everything,
All the other atoms of the world,
Where she was tied up,
Or in a fuzz,
Still always in the moment,
Living in the now,
When my hair,
Was straight,
Trying to follow the rules,
Stay in the lines,
Not ever even knowing,
There was a flow to try,
And follow with,
Always goofy when I needed,
It to be smooth, or the other way around,
Never as the way I was feeling,
Only for,
I never was in the moment,
Living it myself,
When we met,
She started to teach me,
All these traits of hers,
And the other way around,
Now both of us,
Have ripply hair,
Right in place,
As it is supposed to be,

Every brunette needs a blonde and the other way around. 

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