Monday, October 5, 2015


Look how far I've come,
I'd long to scream it,
From the tops of the mountains,
You forced me to climb,
Without anything else,
Then my naked self,
Look how far I've come,
Of you,
Of you,
Trying to pull me down,
Kicking me when I've fallen,
Filling my ears with doubt,
Despite of you,
Forcing me to drag you with me,
Demanding to hurt me,
To kill the good left in my soul,
Look how far I've come,
When all you ever tried,
Was to keep me in the same place,
Now you stand there,
For I have rised,
Up the hill until,
I'm on top of the world,
Look how far I've come,
When your life hasn't even begon.

Look how far you've come, be proud, love yourself,
It is not a crime, To look in the mirror,
And smile at what it beholds.

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