Thursday, October 22, 2015

Killing me slowly

There's a room inside your heart,
Seal the locks and play the part,
Let no emotions get anywhere near,
Just slowly disappear...

For every mistake that I make,
Must also be the forsake,
Of everything I'm yet to be,
Let's now all punish me,
For inflicting this problem to the main,
To realise the burden of my pain...

Seems that caring out,
The shouting void,
Is not approved by any of thy,
There lays the lack of me,
Nothing left to give,
Nothing left to lose,
I drink away whatever to choose...

The only friend left,
Is one nearly as dark as theft,
Steals like a thief,
Away all your grief,
Oh my dear oblivion...

There's a room inside my heart,
I'd shut it tight and play the part,
Tried not to let emotions near,
But not killing myself...
Is slowly killing me, my dear.

Nearly drank myself to death,
Realising that I don't wanne die,
But I don't really want to live...

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