Burning herself up.

She had this extraordinary fear,
Of not fitting into the world,
Of failing it,
Being unable to establish,
The right of existence,
Not making something of her life,
Being insignificant,
Not making a name for herself,
Having no meaning,
Or not having served a greater cause,
So ironic,
That just these fears,
Where the only things,
Keeping her,
From being it all,
See she searched for it all,
Signs, moments and epiphanies,
When in fact,
She was the sign for only so many,
She was the moment for me,
And she was the epiphany,
For everyone on her way,
She just did not saw it herself,
Sad girl, so busy,
Trying to earn the right to be alive,
When all that does,
Is keep you from living,
We get the right we are born,
Sad girl, burning up herself,
In her search for light...

Sad girl, Burning up herself,
In her search for light,
Never knowing...

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