Friday, October 9, 2015

Status vs. Satisfaction.

She hardly ever wanted much,
Her desires contained,
To love and be loved in return,
Have a place on this world,
To call her home,
A family to share it with,
And a purpose to serve,
Whilst she found it all,
One could easily forget,
What it has rather then,
What more could be wished for,
Yet never did she,
Expected more from life,
Then happiness, love and fulfillment,
That there might be,
The greatest succes of all,
Knowing how blessed we are,
Funny thing being,
I can not name anyone,
Quite like her...
Rather then having a status,
She only wanted to be satisfied,
With what is, was and will be,
So she was.

I love you mommy, happy b-day! XOXO

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