Monday, April 18, 2016


Am I perfect?
Thoughts that spring into my head,
He wanted to be perfect,
He was perfect,
To anyone who was willing to stay on surface,
No one came further,
Then that,
Even if they tried.
Tried, but failed,
For neiter they are perfect.
No one is.
Yet your imperfection striving to be perfect,
Cost your life.
And I wonder.
Am I perfect?
Will I ever,
Fit as this banana,
Perfectly in it's skin,
Happy and yellow,
Living not from,
But to the sun...
Am I perfect?
The train moves on.
Over, this moment.
No stopping the train,
The train never stops,
You can not get off,
It keeps going,
Go in to your thoughts,
Till you decide,
You're either good enough,
Or your not.
Am I perfect?
No, I am good enough,
And that's perfect to me...

Am I perfect as this banana?

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