Sunday, February 5, 2017

"פורסם על ידי לורן"

"Irrifutable romanticism,
Do you desire to know the underlying truth?
There was no reason to start to begin with,
Merely a hunger for the moment of expiring,
Determinating the pure adoration for pain,
The self inflicted idealism of treacherous sustainability,
Wonderstruck imagery of mirrors and windows reflecting,
On the eternal missery in the souls of the dark and tormented,
An enchantment without the possibility to attain her,
May the majustic creature eternally fall free,
Untouchable by the hint of my fingers,
The passion in giving up on contributing, of parting from the high faces set in smoke,
The hollowness of her eyes, haunts my midnight, chasing it into the break of dawn,
Endavour me in the everflowing twilight that shadows us,
Her ghost dissapears from mind almost makes me wonder,
Had I even met her at all?
Yet I, living in solitude, have only my dreams,
Devestatingly I forfit,
Don't smoke the furror of perspicacity out,
If I am doomed for the everlasting loss of destiny,
May her smell linger on my clothes." 


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