"There once was a cat,
He had a place to call home,
But the hall he had to roam,
There where bugs and trash,
Yet in a flash,
He found a spider,
The little insect intrigued,
Her legs moved,
From floor to wall,
Up to the ceiling,
Where she spun her web,
He would gaze his hours,
Trying to explain,
The powers she showed,
While tangling up,
The cat stayed put,
Would not move a paw,
Determined as he was,
He merely learned,
The spider earned,
Him in her claw,
The silk had strangled,
Twisted and turned,
Whilst he in the little space he had,
Intended to make her his orbit,
To let her be the architect,
Of the hall in ruins,
This little spider,
Had to fall,
Cat didn't know at all,
That spiders can't live,
Without gravity's gift. "

My hand shimmers when you touch it.

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