Thursday, July 20, 2017

The difference.

"Gatherings over festivals,
Camping over all-inclusive,
And bookclubs over the club you shake you ass in,
You accuse me of forgetting how to live, since I did not threw a birthday party to where as you were invited,
I think, my darling, you never made a start to expirience life, let along live,
Thats the difference between you and me, I don't have to fall asleep to dream,
My celebrations contain singing out loud to Christmas songs while I do the dishes,
To built a pillowford when it rains so I can read under the savehaven of a dozen blankets, with my favorite friends, books and cookies,
I celebrate my body when I caress her every inch carefully in the midsummernights I wander trough parks or watch the sundown,
You think I am ought to expirience boredom and loneliness,
My dear, solitude does not ask for being lonely or missing out on,
I do not need you, to complete my party, I have no need of it at all,
It's my party, and I dance if I want to not like nobody is watching, but as I did when I was a child,
I'd rather dance as an introvert gone wild."

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