Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beat slow

"You move too fast,
You run too far,
You move too fast,
How could we ever be?
Belong together?
Your cars spinning,
There in no beginning,
In chasing you,
When you move,
Too fast for me..."

The last words you said,
Before you broke my heart,
As I watched you,
Fading from view,
I screamed hoping,
I'll ring trough,

"But my heart,
Beats slow...
But my heart,
Beats slow...
Daling don't you know,
That my heart,
Beats slow..."

Now here we are,
Relentlessly staring,
Into another pair,
Of unfamiliar eyes,
I wonder if you think,
About that last,
As much as do I,
Cause... You said

"I move too fast,
How could we ever be?
You don't belong with me..."

"But my heart beats slow..."

But my heart beats slow... I only wished you know... That my heart,
Beats slow...

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