Extremely silently loud.

We where extremely close,
Ignoring each other,
When we where,
Standing two feet away,
All I could think,
In this immense,
Noise you where making,
Whilst you shut silent,
Was that two people,
Not talking,
Can make so much sound,
How loud and,
Over resonating,
All the other sounds,
It sounded to me,
When you and I,
Where ignoring each other,
Maybe we sond,
The loudest message ever,
When we no longer,
Chit chatted,
Maybe us saying nothing,
Says more about us,
The we ever will,
I think she heard the silence,
She heard us screaming,
Trough the mute,
I guess she heard,
For we where deaf to,
The devastating crying,
To give this another try,
Maybe she left,
Cause in a conversation not made,
It was clear,
That the conversation was over,
Cause it's not when you stop talking,
Nor when you still do,
That means anything at all,
It is in the words being shared,
Even if a love is no longer,
So she must of heard,
That our hearts,
Beat in sink...
She must of heard,
Something we forget,
We kept on repeating...

Because you're eyes said you where feeling it too.

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